Foods to be kept away when you are diabetic

Diabetes poses a very common yet bothersome issue faced by millions all across the globe. The disease or the specific condition accompanies with it a lot of apprehensions, a lot of it pointing to the ideal diet for diabetic patients. The diet followed should have a positive impact on the glucose levels and indeed, some types of food need to be sacrificed in the course. Discussed below is a list of foods to avoid for diabetics.

food choices

1. Foods with high sugar content:

Who would not love nibbling candies and relishing sweet desserts after a meal? Though these give a great treat for the taste buds, such foods with high sugar content should strictly be avoided. The low quality carbohydrates in them cause an alarming rise in the sugar levels. These also induce a lot of weight gain which in turn leads to lot many complications. When in need of some sweet stuff, it is always better to go for fruits like apples and berries.

2. White bread, rice and flour:

The low quality carbohydrates present in foods like white rice, bread and refined flour are notoriously dangerous for diabetic patients. Relishing pasta is not so good an idea if you are diabetic. Instead of white rice and white bread, food items made of whole grains can be opted for. Brown rice, whole grain breads, oatmeal, barley and whole grain cereals are great options.

3. Fruit Juices:

Diabetic patients can totally forget the sweet and refreshing fruit juices with high sugar content. The villain that distances fruit juices from the diet of diabetic persons is the concentrated sugar content in them. In spite of the high nutritional value that fruit juices have, a sharp spike in sugar levels is what consumption of fruit juices can endow you with. Fresh fruits can be eaten when you crave for a fruit juice. Also, another great alternative is the zero-calorie seltzer that is naturally flavored.

4. Dried fruits:

It is really great to chew some dried fruits while enjoying your favorite TV show. But it is unfortunately a forbidden pleasure for the diabetic. The dehydration or drying process results in the concentration of the natural sugars of the fruit. Dried fruits can be replaced by fresh fruits like strawberries, grapefruit and peaches.

5. Whole milk products:

An otherwise healthy option, dairy products made of full fat milk adorn a celebrated position in the list of foods that diabetic persons should avoid. The reason behind whole milk products being dangerous is that it increases the level of bad cholesterol in the body. The risk of heart diseases is thereby heightened. Dairy products that are fat free can be consumed by the diabetic.

6. Packaged and baked snacks:

Packaged and baked snacks items like cookies, pretzels, chips and doughnuts contain harmful trans fats. The trans fats are renowned for lowering the amount of good cholesterol in the body and increasing the level of bad cholesterol. Yet again, the heart is put at risk. Ideally, such snacks should be avoided and nuts can be opted for.