Diabetes And Exercise

People with diabetes can do various things to control their blood sugar levels. These things are meant to prevent the blood sugar from dropping to a state of hypoglycemia or rising to a state of hyperglycemia. Amongst the things that help in controlling blood sugar levels include certain types of exercises. These exercises require to be done carefully because if not done properly they can also raise or lower the blood sugar levels. Here are some exercises which are ideal:

Walking is one of the most ideal exercises for diabetics. This is because walking exercises various parts of the body in a moderate way consequently allowing proper blood flow. By walking the body is able to respond to insulin as the circulation is improved. A diabetic person who wishes to start walking as an exercise should start slowly. Such a person should start by waking for about fifteen minutes a day for about a week before adding the time gradually overtime to about an hour every day. One should carry a cell phone to call for help in case of not feeling well.diabetes-exercise

Aerobics are also ideal exercises for diabetic people because they are not intense and therefore do not consume a lot of body energy. Aerobics makes the body be able to enhance moderate blood sugar levels through sweating. After sweating some of the unwanted components are removed from the blood systems therefore allowing the blood sugar levels to be moderate. A person with diabetes can do aerobics at home where there are people who understand the condition or in a gym where there are instructors who understand this condition.

Swimming is also an appropriate exercise for a diabetic person. This is because swimming ensures that almost every body part is exercised and therefore facilitating proper blood flow. If the person swimming is taking insulin shots then the insulin will be able to get into the blood system faster therefore control blood sugar levels. The swimming should also be started moderately so as not to overwork the body.

A person with diabetes can also benefit from cycling. This is because cycling will make the body absorb the foods taken especially proteins and carbohydrates to control blood sugar levels. One can cycle outdoors where there are other people or in a gym where help can be provided in case one does not feel well.

While doing these exercises it is important to take the necessary precaution measures such as carrying a glucose meter. The meter is useful since one can keep on monitoring the glucose levels and therefore know when to stop. It is not advisable to exercise alone since one might require assistance if one is not feeling well. It is advisable to exercise in gym where the instructor has basic medical skills that can be applied if the diabetic person does not feel well while exercising.

Furthermore, one should consult a doctor prior to starting the exercises so as to be advised on the appropriate exercises to do. Therefore, people with diabetes can control their blood sugar levels and enhance healthy living through the outlined exercises.